Design Services

Collaborative design is the heart and soul of Starlight. We believe in cultivating space for the freedom of expression and that art comes from, and reflects, community. We specialize is bringing creative ideas into tangible form.

As a local arts collective, we bring artists together from many fields to create spaces that encourage and invite thoughtful evaluation of the human experience and careful consideration of artists’ abilities to illuminate our connection to one another. In addition, we strive to equitably compensate all the amazing artists, tech geniuses, and others who join us on this adventure. A list of these collaborators can be found here :

Contact us for more information on our creative design and curation services which support local art and culture. We offer affordable consulting and imaginative collaboration for spaces and events, as well as use of our Geodome and Artbus.

Partner’s have included: Zen Medicine, BFK Presents, Fox Den, Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters, Shine X, Pulse Entertainment, Project Anima, The Senvion, the Zootown Affordable Housing Podcast, Monk’s.