Other Fun Events

PROJECT ANIMA- Street PRojections

A renegade multimedia improvisational collage event projected on otherwise bland urban architecture.

Zen Medicine Meet and Greet with Matisyahu

A Starlight curated Meet & Greet with world renowned roots reggae master Matisyahu at Zen Medicine.


A Collab with the BFK PRESENTS crew for DISCO BLOODBATH 2019. The GEODOME immersive DJ setup.


Immerse yourself in a pulsating kaleidoscopic combination of rave-inspired dance music during Casual, an evening of house and techno music expertly mixed by a who’s who of DJs from Montana’s far reaching underground electronic music scene.
With all flavors of melodic, hypnotic, and driving house and techno on the menu, attendees should expect an enthralling night on the dancefloor with euphoric grooves brought to you by veteran DJs of the scene including the local music/art collective Starlight Reunion, Missoula’s Stolin Beats (husband and wife duo Mike and Nichole Stolin), and Bozeman’s Chris Sage a member of the longstanding house/techno collective known as the The Fox Den.