Starlight Reunion Studios

Located in the Senvion, Starlight Reunion Studios is the mothership of all things audio and video for Starlight. Here we are able to produce, record, mix, and master audio and video in a state-of-the-art workspace that was built as a neutral listening environment, as well as providing access to a large club style sound system that allows for mix translation.

We also provide a stage for performance production design that integrates audio and video technology for live performance and livestreaming.

We offer audio, video production, VJ services, production lessons, and access to production tools on a sliding scale and barter fee system. We encourage collaboration and creativity as well as mentorship on multiple editing, recording and performing platforms including: Ableton Live, ProTools, Mainstage, Logic,Traktor, Ozone, Resolume, After Effects, and specialized in-house designed software.

If you are interested in creating music and video, learning about production, or designing a live production or performance, contact us: