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Starlight Reunion(SR) is a volunteer-based collective devoted to gathering in celebration of life, art, music, dance and love. We believe in cultivating a place for the freedom of artistic expression. Reaching out to various artists from all artistic backgrounds, from DJs to poets and painters, we organize gatherings to showcase their talent and give a platform for them to share their practice with our community.

If you have a project in mind, or want to join in the fun, please give us a shout at:

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Starlight Reunion is a rag-tag band of artists and dreamers that help facilitate creative ideas. Sign up and we’ll randomly send updates and announcements of fun events and such. Bite it, Facebook.

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Some Goals and Dreams

Our goals for 2021 are to shorten the gaps between artists and our community by curating gatherings in our artspace, The Senvion, as well as in local venues, and on our new ArtBus, with the focus being poetry, jazz, fine art, live dj mixes, musical performance, culinary arts, dance, photography, and more.

To create artists profiles on our website to consolidate our artistic resources as a community into a archive for people to be able to explore, book, network and appreciate.

To launch a line of merchandise featuring artists we host.

To grow a web presence containing interviews with artists of all type, sharing dj mixes, poetry, music releases, fine art…

To cultivate Starlight Reunion Records, our record label that gives a platform for our community to collaborate on tracks and to help artists master their current projects.

To design and construct festival furniture for our major yearly festival- Forest Creatures.

A Brief History…

Starlight Reunion was founded by a small group of artists who had the desire to take a different approach to the way artist and ,community unite through gatherings. We believe that everyone has something to offer when we get together. Spectators are transformed into community. Interacting with our community we find people often want , to collaborate on the gatherings we organize and we do our best to accommodate. The community becomes part of the entertainment, the stylization and ambiance. The boundaries are abandoned. We feel a higher level of experience is achieved when these barriers are left out. Starlight Reunion has found much inspiration from the burning man culture, the rainbow gatherings, and various artistic movements around the world. We find inspiration from many avenues and with that inspiration we invite community to build experience. 

Our first gatherings we’re NYE 2017 and Forest Creatures that summer. These two gatherings became our staple projects. I had been throwing NYE parties in New York meanwhile founding member Winter Ramos had been celebrating his birthday that same night and threw himself a party if someone didn’t throw it for him. The first NYE party we through together with the help of my fiancé Katie Condon went really well and we decided we needed to throw a summer gathering.

We discussed what we like about the festivals and parties we’ve gone to and what we wanted to do differently. We love the art and community of the burning man culture however we felt like the ticket price is out of many people’s budget. We love the rainbow gatherings and have learned how to host gatherings on public lands for free from them. We decided to pour our energy into a gathering based on combining a lot of what we learned from both.

Forest Creatures was born. A ticketless art and music camp out on national forest land that invites the general public to be apart of an artistic movement and community. Over time our two staple projects have grown to include hundreds of people who’ve enjoyed an interactive artistic experience. We began to take our collective’s efforts to other events such as Shine X, Disco Blood Bath, Alchemy Georgia burn, as well as several first Friday events.

Once we established our own creative space known as The Senvion we began to host several of our own underground gatherings such as poetry readings with food provided by a featured chef, live music performances, and Dj’ed dance parties.

Our ability to host these gatherings has been completely depended on our art collective managing every aspect of Starlight Reunion. We are all artists and creative people who’ve taken on management positions within the collective to organize these events. Unlike event average company, we measure our success based on the experience of our community and our own. Profit margins come after and are often nonexistent as we generally run events funded by donation. This is often sustained though volunteers putting in time and effort in building these events. Our core management team consists of a handful of people taking on various task such as social media marketing, event curation, graphic design, lighting, sound, and visual installations to name a few. 

Collaboration, interactive experience, and a safe space for self expression.