We believe in cultivating space for the freedom of expression

Starlight Reunion(SR) is a volunteer-based collective devoted to gathering in celebration of life, art, music, dance and love. Reaching out to various artists from all artistic backgrounds, from DJs and musicians, to poets and painters, we organize gatherings to showcase their talent and give a platform for them to share their practice with our community.

Starlight Sunrise Sessions is now available on the Radio – 101.5 FM, or 1015kfgm.org -Missoula Community Radio -5AM to 7AM Every Day!

Starlight Thursdays Dj Mixes

Hi ! Hey You over there, in the sweet outfit…

Starlight Reunion is a rag-tag band of artists and dreamers that help facilitate creative ideas. Sign up and we’ll randomly send updates and announcements of fun events and such. Bite it, Facebook.

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