GEODOME The brainchild of one of our amazing digital visual gurus, this dome has traveled far and wide after originally being built for the playa. A three dimensional multimedia canvas for projects and sound systems, it is often our mothership. Built by Brenden Hierro and gifted to the collective. We quickly began brainstroming a way to cover and heat it.

With a creative design by Chris Moyles and miles of stitching later the dome became a space capable of hosting a staged performance and wrapped in white parachute fabric giving our visual projection artists the ability to project imagery on all of its surfaces making a sort of virtual reality room experience. It quickly became a centerpiece stage for our art and music festival Forest Creatures as well as a side stage at Disco Bloodbath. Keep any eye out for it on festival lineups and feel free to inquire how to rent it or become part of our volunteer dome building team.