The Senvion

Our home, the place where laughter creates ideas, late night spontaneous vocal sessions grow a melody into a song in the studio, two Dj’s who just met play a three hour back-to-back set together while a photographer gathers elements of light and shade to capture a moment.. A poet reads and a jazz quartet bends time… a chef gathers a crowd with a 3 AM tapas feast as an artist talks about inspiration and the shades of red in a wine glass…

CMO-aka Ghost Tribe

The Senvion

By BK Love

The quick answer to what the Senvion is would be a performance space. Want the long version?

In the spring of 2018 Katie C and I were living in a house that became flooded by swelling Clark Fork river waters. I knew I didn’t want to go through being flooded again so I began to look for another living situation. I quickly found a house a mile away with 1200 square feet of unfinished basement. A few days later I got to walk the house with a realtor and immediately raced to the basement. At first sight I knew it was perfect for what I wanted to do.

We bought the house and began construction on the basement 4 months later. Prior to having the house we threw parties at rented spots in town. We always wanted our own space so we could have gatherings consistently. Chris Moyles and I walked the basement over and over. Laying strips of blue tape on the floor representing walls and doors. Following His lead we measured the entire place and he constructed a digital model giving us the ability to really interact with the space to see if we liked the design. After some minor adjustments it was on. Countless trips to home resource and other hardware stores. Twelve hour days flew by for the month of December leading up to our scheduled opining night New Years Eve 2019.

We were going hard at getting it done in time. At one point a huge part of the starlight reunion family was busy getting the space ready. Painting all the pipes on the ceiling black, putting up doors, building a bar, getting a huge fridge in a small nook, mounting projectors and lights, initialing photos for a large art opening and planing a big party.

It was crazy but we got it done and named it The Senvion. While I was going through the process of buying the house I was working on Senvion wind turbines in Washington state. All the money I got to put a down payment on the house came from working on those turbines. I figured it only natural to name it The Senvion… It sounds cool and European, it cracks me up when people google it and get a German wind turbine company.

Opening night was a huge success. Maybe more so than we anticipated. Max capacity was reached at 2am and then again at 5am. The place was packed with beautiful happy people.

After the dust settled and the mess was cleaned it wasn’t long before the Senvion became the Starlight Reunion headquarters. The space started getting used as a place to jam, have band practices, do art installations and experiments, photo shoots, and plenty of impromptu parties with the crew and friends. We built a music studio that has been filled with amazing music and artists ever since. We transformed a long room connected to the studio into a “think tank”. Since completion its become a place for us to get together and brainstorm new ideas. The creations that have been coming out of that room have been incredible and the experiences are absolutely humbling. It’s been quite the journey of buying a house and turning it into a home for creativity and fun with all these amazing people. -BK Love-