Starlight Thursdays DJ Mixes

Presented by BKlove

Starlight Thursdays – A weekly mix release hosted by SR and created by local Montana DJs. Focused on the sound of the Montana electronic underground and just how diverse the scene is. We started this project as a way to stay in touch with our music scene during the covid19 pandemic and it keeps evolving.

EPISODE 52 – BK Love – Made in MT – Techno Mix –

Starlight Thursdays 52! This marks one year of amazing weekly mixes made by Montana based DJs
In this episode BK Love shares a live set recorded at Art Party. This mix is entirely composed of tracks from local Montana producers.

About the Mix by BK Love
I’ve been hosting this mix with the help of CMO for the last year now. It’s been an amazing journey. At this point we’ve communicated with over 33 DJs to push their mixes therefore pushing the sound of our state’s scene to the world. I knew I had to do something different for episode 52. When the idea came to me, I wasn’t sure I had the time to pull it off. I did a post on FB asking for local producers to send me their tracks and was blown away by the amount of responses I received. After a few days of collecting responses I found myself with over 150 tracks. The quality of the music coming out of MT is very impressive and inspiring. This certainly won’t be my last Made in Montana set. In this mix you’ll hear tracks from Mike Stolin, TESSUB, Chauz Manuel, Mister Spicy, Kalub Swirvin, Kris Moon,
Carr Tell, SAGANIST, and G2T. Huge thanks to all the artists for producing music that changes our lives. Shout out to Brian Thabault for sending me tons of tracks from their label Tri Music Group. Although my DJ style takes me down a road of mashing up multiple tracks on the fly I encourage listening to the originals and downloading them to be part of your collection.
Much Love, hope you enjoy.

Made in MT mix Track list.
Range Phantoms – TESSUB
Lush Ping – TESSUB
Minimal Song – Chauz Manuel
ChemSplat – Mike Stolin
Beauty Contest- TESSUB
Phaeton – Mister Spicy
The system- Kalub Swirvin remix by TESSUB
Lost Summer – Kris Moon
Get Some – Carr Tell
Cosmic Knights – SAGANIST
No Jazz Here – TESSUB
Cayce – Mister Spicy
Thinking Process – Mike Stolin
Darkslide- Carr Tell
Spectra – Mister Spicy
Keep Going- TESSUB
Technical Techno- Carr Tell
Runecaller- SAGANIST
Deep Breath (Melodyclock) – TESSUB
Ritual Loop – Spin Department.
Here We Come – Mike Stolin
Ketamine Fireball- SAGANIST
Moving Up – Carr Tell
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Mike Stolin –
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Mister Spicy –
Kalub Swirvin –
Kris Moon –
Carr Tell –
Gorilla Ghost Tribe –

EPISODE 51 – Forrest – Sound System music – Bass Mix –

Welcome Forrest back for his second Starlight Thursdays mix. This is Sound System Music!

Equip some headphones or fire up the stereo to listen to these tunes–bassweight driven music.

Remember you can find Forrest on Subtle Radio every first Wednesday of the month at 1AM UK time, as well as on KGVM Bozeman every other Wednesday at 8PM local time or on SoundCloud at @forrest_us

EPISODE 50 – Nixcid – A forest Jog – Psy Mix

Nixcid is the embodiment of sonic spirituality. Need a shaman of sound look no farther. He lead us to the path in episode 25. We asked him to come back and show us the way. In Episode 50 He does just that. Get ready for a fast paced melodic jog through a forest of tracks from Psygen Records based in Minas Gerais, Brazil. From Artist such as Enieff, Psygen Recs, Sep Scoota and Malakay to name a few.

Presenting select tracks from Psygen Records:
Mode groove- enieff
Abduction- psygen recs
Post apocalypse life- psygen recs
Bahamut- sep scoota
Eudeimonia- Malakay
Kindness 2.0- psygen recs
Kuh- psygen recsp
Sparrow (atomo)
The flow of energy
Polymorph – rewired

For More Nixcid check out:

For More Psygen Records:

EPISODE 49 – Carr Tell – Techno Mix

We’re beyond excited to share this exclusive mix by Car Tell, in Starlight Thursdays Episode 49. This is the second time we’re having him on the series and for a good reason. If you haven’t heard his first mix with us in episode 36 get to it.
In this mix Carr Tell brings the Tech House and Breaks to the sound system. Featuring tracks by Tau0n, Nala, Baby Weight, Wyatt Marshall, as well as tracks he’s produced. Your ears are in for a treat.

A few words from the Man himself:
One of my earliest memories of wanting to learn was hearing Kris Seige’s mix puking space rainbows. Im inspired by my DJ friends. In this mix I’m showcasing some up and coming producers that are killing it right now.
Hope You Enjoy
-Carr Tell-

Check out More of His Dope Sound At

EPISODE 48 – Saganist – Psybreaks Mix

We’re stoke to release the second exclusive mix by Saganist. He continues to push this great sound from his decks in Great Falls Montana.

A few words from the man himself
Psybreaks is one of my favorite genres to spin, and this mix contains a wide variety of psybreaks that are sure to keep you tripping and grooving. Enjoy!
For More SAGANISTcheck out
Soundcloud for original tunes: @saganist2112
Bandcamp for original tunes and download:
Mixcloud for DJ mixes:

EPISODE 47 – Nick Ferrington – House Mix

22 years ago Nick Ferrington  started throwing dances for his friends in high school. Since there weren’t any places to host, He bought turntables & speakers to create the vibe he was looking for. He hadn’t realized the path he was on would lead to Djing large events including Vans Warped Tour, Electric Daisy Carnival, Miami Music Week, Purgatory f/ Lil Jon and countless smaller parties. Originally from Whitefish, MT but spent the last 10 years in Boston developing his music career attending production school in Cambridge, MA before moving back to Montana. He continues to host events in Whitefish as well as producing fresh tracks consistently. His influences include artists like Swedish House Mafia, Fatboy Slim & Deorro. He embodies the the EDM Pop culture vibe with his Chihuahua that has become the icon of his artistic persona.
In this exclusive mix Nick plays tracks from Steve Angello, David Guetta, CID, Chris Lake, Biscuits, Masserai, and Tchami hopping from genres like Melbourne Bounce to Tech House and Progressive House.
Check out Nicks word 👇
SOUNDCLOUD: @nickferrington 
INSTAGRAM: @NickFerrington 
TWITTER: @NickFerrington

EPISODE 46: Mike Beasley – Techno Mix

Welcome Mike Beasley to the stage and to Montana. He moved to the state early 2020 from Colorado. Brought with him his unique style of mixing as well as his large sound system and is integrating himself into the community with his party Signal Test in Whitefish. We’er excited to have him in the community and looking forward to his events.

Here’s some words from the man himself:

Mike Beasley AKA 0BS3RVR
It’s kind of a new creation to explore different styles of sound. Admittedly I’ve had a few different monikers over the years, Delete & Lost Format are two that that I had back in Colorado and back when I lived in France. I started collecting vinyl and djing back in 2000, a friend bought a set of decks and a mixer and down the rabbit hole we went.
I got my hands on an actual mixtape from Vitamin D live at “Time Warp” Toronto 1998…sort of blew my mind. Back then it was all underground. You had to go to the raves and parties to hear that sound. The rave scene was pretty big in Colorado during those years. I ran with a couple of drum and bass crews in Paris France, those were crazy parties back in 2007-2009, Batofar, a bunch of smaller venues out there, a couple of French “free parties” out in the countryside with some pretty big systems. Some underground warehouse parties in Denver. Signal Test was a monthly which I would promote/run sound/often dj with some friends from the mountains and front range CO. Campouts and burner related events as well.
My roots are in Drum & Bass. More of the experimental bass music and dub. I like good techno also. I try to compartmentalize because I’m across the spectrum depending on the weather.

This mix isn’t indicative of what I normally play, not at all. This mix was recorded a while back before I moved to MT, it felt appropriate to share here. Wanted to share something a bit more introspective, especially during a time when humanity has endured so much.
Montana called me. So stoked and grateful to be here and discovering all the magic and meeting new friends and community.
-Mike Beasley AKA 0BS3RVR –

EPISODE 45: Red Velvet – Tech House MIX

Eight years ago Red Velvet met HNNH, bought some cdj-800’s from her, and practiced a lot. She later teamed up with The Fox Den and began entertaining vibrant dance parties from the DJ booth. Joining HNNH in back-to-back extended sets, the dynamic duo goes under the name DIESELQUEEF, delivering a wealth of sonic talent.

Some words from Red Velvet on her experience as a DJ
I have a couple of summers and yearly events that stand out. For a few summers we set up a stage called The Mothership (shoutout mothership crew). At a few of the festivals those were some of my favorite events and summers. I love to play outside. The music just goes so far. To name a few festivals, Pirate party, Neon city, Fairy Tail, Alien Abduction, Montana Magic, Dat music conference, and Montopia. I’ll house you at the Badlander in Missoula was my last bar show. That was a year ago this month. I know we will dance together again. I have so many amazing memories coming to Missoula and playing shows the last 8 years. Milkcrake Wednesdays, we would drive to missoula play our sets then turn around drive home and go to work in the morning. Did that on a few occasions. I will forever miss Foxy fridays at the Badlander, and just generally being able to go out and find a dance crowd if you needed to dance it off.
Some Friday’s I wish I could just hop down to Colonel Blacks and or the Zebra catch a show or play some beats with friends. I will always cherish the memories i have of those days, and the lifelong friendships i made there. Im really inspired by my friends. If you can make your DJ friends dance you’re doing it right. Ive been staying inspired by doing a monthly stream called The Living Room with Forrest.

This mix was recorded on 2 xdj-1000mk2 and an Alpha Recording Systems rotary mixer. Which I think i’m finally getting the hang of. Composed of mostly tech house tracks by CASSIMM, NALA, Edu Campos, Danilo Milani, steve darko, Joeski, nic zega, dj entwan. I hope you enjoy it. Stay safe friends, and I can’t wait to see you on the dance floor! If you like my mix and would like to hear some more. Check out The Living Room-Montana on facebook. Where we have guest’s and stream once a month.
-Red Velvet-

Check out Red Velvets SoundCloud
and live streams

Episode 44: HNNH – I-Rly-Miss-Getting-Sweaty-In-The-Club-Mix-

HNNH has been sharing underground tunes since 2011 when she met Beav Murnion (FKA Trenchdweller), who was her first friend in Montana and her DJ mentor. Drawing inspiration from rhythms and percussion, the sound and style of this mix highlights Baltimore Club (a fusion of breakbeat, hip hop, and house that is characterized by repetitive [often raunchy/goofy] vocal samples and intentionally ruff beats), Jersey Club (an offshoot of b-more club), and Techno! Longtime member of the Fox Den and half of the Back to Back Duo known as DIESELQUEEF with her partner RedVelvet. If you didn’t catch her sets at Disco Blood Bath, Burning man, Forest Creatures 3, NYE Speakeasy Burlesque, or the zillion other amazing parties she’s performed at then it’s certainly time to loose yourself to this epic mix!

A few words from HNNH about this mix.

During my time in Baltimore, I fell in love with club music, the jaw-dropping dance moves that accompany it, and the people I met while out on the town. This mix features old school Baltimore club names (KW Griff @kw-griff, DJ Technics, Blaqstarr @blaqstarrmusic), new school katz (Mighty Mark @mightymarkadventures, TT the Artist @tttheartist), other artists influenced by the Baltimore sound (MIA, Pharrell/N.E.R.D., DJ SWISHA @dj-swisha), and more. I tap into a much faster mixing style– typical of club music, dropping over 30 tracks in just over an hour. Get ready for a wacky fun ride!

I highly suggest trying out some of these dance moves while you listen:
Baltimore club music is deeply tied to the social climate of the city. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this documentary (
Special thanks to Khafre Williams @Khafre-williams

For more of her Dope Mixes Check Out

Episode 43: Starlight Thursdays Guerrilla Ghost Tribe – NicoMix Recorded Live at the Senvion

Starlight Thursdays co-founder Chris Moyles, AKA Guerrilla Ghost Tribe, returns with a set recorded in the late night hours at Starlight HQ, the Senvion.

A Few words from the man himself.

I was thinking of the surf drenched Solstice with Genius Loci Festival in Baja Mexico, missing the legendary sunrise sets, the family I have there that gathers from around the world, as well as the Starlight Family I have here and the Forest Creatures sunrise sets I have played. I can’t wait to see some sunrises with you all again soon. Take care of each other. -CMo-

Episode 42: Starlight Thursdays – Chaddabox – NYE Live 2021 House Mix – Recorded Live at the Senvion

Chaddabox has been pushing the sound systems with house beats for 11 years as a DJ. Born in Clarksville TN, raised in Helena MT and now a staple in the underground dance scene. He’s thrown down at Shine, Pirate Party, Neon City, and Forest Creatures, as well as countless parties at bars and clubs all around Montana.

A Few words from the man himself.
My goal is to inspire others and make’em dance. My Inspiration comes from many places but being a turntablist, cuttin and scratching loops and samples, that’s what I aspire to do.This mix was recorded in The Senvion during the NYE Dada Underground live stream event 2021. It was a really fun time although I was kind of nervous starting out since I knew friends from near and far were all tuned in. Djing, for me, is more than just a fun hobby, it’s who I am and there’s no better feeling than seeing people enjoy themselves on the dance floor.
-Chaddabox –

Episode 41: Starlight Thursdays – Stolinbeats – NYE Live 2021 House Mix – Recorded Live at the Senvion

It’s been a while since we’ve last heard our favorite dynamic duo play a set. We’ve hosted several of Mike Stolin’s mixes as well as his wife Nicole’s and now we’re excited to share their back-to-back set from NYE. This mix has some serious flavor. Full of fire house tracks that kept us on our feet for the first set of the new year.

A few words on StolinBeats by BK Love:
I first heard the Stolins play back-to-back at the Forest Creatures 1. They absolutely killed it that night. We completely lost ourselves in the music and couldn’t stop dancing. I became an instant fan. Somehow I hadn’t heard them play together since that set until NYE 2021. Getting to be on the dance floor and having them be the first set of the year we danced to was incredible. 2020 left us begging for a better year in 2021. With Stolinbeats opening up the New Year we already off to a better start.
-BK Love-

by BKlove Feburary 8th, 2021

Episode 40: Starlight Thursdays – Rowan – NYE Live 2021 Bass Mix Recorded Live at the Senvion

We finally have a fresh Rowan Bear mix to share with ya. This set was recorded live in the Senvion on New Years Eve during our Dada Underground live stream. Rowans been an integral part of Starlight Reunion for a few years now. He managed the arch stage at FC3, curated Geminize and used his talent scouting abilities for the poetry portion of Speak Easy Burlesque just to name a few. In pursuit of furthering his education he recently moved to Colorado, making this visit extra special. Rowan has always been the bassy side of the Starlight Reunion lineup. Gravitating towards Dubstep and deeper darker bass music his sets have stood out in the crew as the grittiest sound amongst us. In the 5 years, he’s been DJing he’s opened for Phuture Primitive, Soulacybin, Secret Recipe, and played events including Private Party, Shine, Harvest Fusion, Mt. Olympus, Disco Bloodbath and Forest Creatures. One of the few DJs actually born and raised in Missoula Montana.

A few words from the man himself-
I loved heavy dubstep when I was growing up, and seeing people perform at local Montana festivals inspired me to do the same. Getting in touch with my own spirituality, as well as communing with artists and talking about interpersonal topics such as politics, philosophy and self improvement all inspire my music. I love to find light from within the darkness.
I was nervous to play a set after taking a long hiatus. Of course, after getting back in to it, this was the highlight of my entire year. 2020 was such a chaotic experience, it was nice to end by sharing my art with my fans and friends again. Thanks for attending the live stream! There will be more original working coming in the near future ❤
-Rowan Bear-

by BKlove Feburary 8th, 2021